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Odoo Product Media On Multiple Websites

The Odoo Product Media on Multiple Websites project enhances businesses' ability to efficiently manage product media across multiple websites. It enables seamless uploading, organization, and assignment of product images and videos within Odoo, streamlining media management and boosting online presence effectively.

  • Client
    Linda B.
  • Category
  • Date
    March 23, 2023
Odoo Product Media On Multiple Websites

Key Features

  • Product Media Management: Businesses can upload images and videos to product pages in Odoo, allowing customers to view products from different angles and understand their features and functionality.
  • Product Media on Multiple Websites: The Odoo Product Media on Multiple Website project enables businesses to use the same product media on multiple websites, ensuring consistency across different platforms.
  • Automatic Updates: Any changes made to product media in Odoo are automatically reflected on all assigned websites, saving time and ensuring consistency.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The project provides an intuitive user interface for managing product media on multiple websites, allowing business owners to easily upload, assign, and customize product media information.
  • Customization: Business owners can customize product media information for each website as needed, such as adding alternative text or captions, to cater to different audiences.
  • Translation Management: Tools are provided for managing product media translations, allowing businesses to easily translate product media information into multiple languages and cater to customers in different regions or markets.