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Odoo Project Group Assignment

The project developed on Odoo Assign Group of Users to Project is a solution that enables businesses to manage their projects more efficiently. This project provides the capability to assign a group of users to a project in Odoo, allowing businesses to streamline project management and improve collaboration.

  • Client
    Fernando G.
  • Category
  • Date
    Dec. 4, 2022
Odoo Project Group Assignment

Key Features

  • Project Management: Projects in Odoo are collections of tasks aimed at achieving specific goals. Tasks can be assigned to employees, and progress can be tracked to ensure timely and budgeted completion.
  • Assigning Group of Users to Projects: The Odoo Assign Group of Users to Project project enables businesses to assign a group of users to a project, facilitating collaboration among employees from different departments or locations, as well as external partners or contractors.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The project provides an intuitive user interface for configuring user groups. Business owners can easily assign specific users to a group and then assign the group to a project, ensuring all members have access to collaborate on tasks.
  • Permission Management: Tools are provided for managing permissions for the group. Business owners can set up different levels of access for each group member, ensuring appropriate access to project tasks and resources.